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According to Aadhi Manushayan, the ancient knowledge of the Tribes who still live in the forsests in Southern India, the elements of Nature are expression of the Divine and human beings hold these elements within themselves, that is they’re part of a Divine Nature.

This explains not just the deep respect that people of the Tribes hold for Nature, but also the life they live in Unity with themselves and all other living beings.

In the course of human evolution we have gradually lost the concept of Unity believing that God is other and distant. We have been praying to the heavens neglecting the Earth that we inhabit. Thus we deviated from Nature itself, shifting our spirituality from the earthly one to a different plan. But if we wish to reach the sky with our prayers, Earth must survive!

Trough Tribalosophy’s various journeys it is possible to rediscover the spirituality of human beings in Unity with Earth and our own Divine Nature.

It takes places trough Aknea, an ancient practice of spiritual knowledge handed down orally among the few Kerala Tribes left. It is not a public knowledge but a knowledge acquired trough an experience of love, willingness and patience which are indispensable to embark on any spiritual path.

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