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How many times have we wished to leave our daily life, to go on a trip, to ponder, to clear our mind, or just to have a change? And how many times have we achieved our purpose?

Tribalosophy travels begin with the intent to offer travelers an outside point of view, wider than one’s own. Only outside we can reflect, as in a mirror, and see with greater clarity ourselves and our life.

In our daily life our behavior is often conditioned, at times unconsciously. It can reduce our sensory perception, it can restrict our field of observation, it can turn off our point of view.

To explore a new country, to step in a reality completely different from one’s own culture, time and nature, can stimulate our senses and broaden our perceptions. In the lack of usual habits we tend to acquire new ones, to reactivate our senses, and to sharpen our intuition. This allows us to expand our point of view and to see clearly our life situation, giving us the opportunity to recognize and to better manage it.

Trough Tribalosophy travels we’ll acquire a greater knowledge of ourselves and of the tools at our disposal to better steer our life in the different Worlds that make up our Planet.

Tribalosophy travels are led by Dr. Shajeer Kizhakkekara with the support of Tribalosophy team.

Away from tourist itineraries, these travels usually last two weeks and visit uncommon lands, people and cultures available only through locals. Further information concerning dates and itineraries will be posted each time by travel organizers.

We won’t get tired of repeating it: as in every real adventure, the program is lived rather than told. The first step is to be freed from the need to know and to reach knowledge trough experience.

It will be a memorable two-week search for self-knowledge, trough the discovery and the experience of different worlds.

If you wish to know more, here is a list, intentionally incomplete – otherwise why bother? – of what we’ll do:

  • We’ll discover faraway and wonderful worlds, encountering people, cultures and local traditions

  • We’ll plunge into Nature, rediscovering and healing the inner connection with Mother Earth

  • We’ll share unique moments of amusement and fun, but also of peace, relaxation and consciousness

  • We’ll stimulate our senses

  • We’ll activate our breathing as a means of self-consciousness

  • We’ll measure up with a different reality, learning to give up our usual  habits

  • We’ll broaden our point of view and our mind

Live your inner adventure, know yourself and discover new worlds of our Planet. Travel with Tribalosophy!

Find out the schedule of our next Tribalosophy Travels

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