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The workshop Know your body, led by Dr. Shajeer Kizhakkekara, is an experiential course of sensory cooking to awaken our senses, recognize body needs and nourish it trough recipes, mostly of Indian tradition.



Our body is the first and simplest instrument of self-knowledge. Trough the five senses, our body receives information from the outside world that can condition the quality of our thoughts and emotions. The very existence of the body and its energy are strictly connected with food. But food is not only what we eat. In fact all that we perceive trough our senses can nourish and convert our physical and mental energy.

All senses are connected to our body organs and transmit its needs. Therefore it would suffice to perceive them to restore our natural psychophysical equilibrium.

That’s how it happens in Nature. Animals know their right food and when they become ill, they heal either by fasting or by eating specific plants and herbs. In fact every living creature, including man, is endowed with instruments that enable him to recognize his body condition and to act accordingly.

But today, misled by modern life, we have deviated from our very nature and become unable to capture our body signals or to observe its needs and timing. It’s easier to be distracted by the outside world than to listen to our own body.

The Tribalosophy workshop Know your body pursues a greater awareness of our body and how to nourish it


As in every real adventure, the program is lived rather than told. The first step is to be freed from the need to know and to reach knowledge trough experience. It will be a memorable search for self-knowledge, an insight into your needs and your cooking creativity.

If you wish to know more, here is a list, intentionally incomplete – otherwise why bother? – of what we’ll do:

  • We’ll start with breathing as means of knowledge

  • We’ll awaken our senses

  • We’ll broaden our body knowledge and needs trough food

  • We’ll test our consciousness in the kitchen

  • We’ll cook vegetarian dishes in the Indian tradition

  • We’ll learn to create the right recipes for our needs

  • We’ll spur creativity in the kitchen according to the immediate needs beyond traditions

How will it be done? Come to discover it, live your inner adventure, know your body!

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