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WE FUTURE OF THE EARTH is a project born in a small village in Kerala the day that children of an Elementary school planted 70 trees with Shajeer and Alessia. A small action with a great meaning: trees are the breath of Earth, children its future inhabitants. It is our responsibility to give children the opportunity to test their natural link to Mother Earth and thus to encourage the birth and growth of a deep bond. 

Once back in Italy, Alessia has given continuity to this action within Orys Fest involving school children in Cerignola, Apulia, her hometown. So, from school children in Kerala to school children in Italy, a movement of Love for Nature has rapidly taken root under the name WE FUTURE OF THE EARTH.

Our mission is to spread it around the world.

To organize a WE, FUTURE OF THE EARTH Day, involving schools of your town is not as difficult as it seems. Contact us to know more.

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