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SANKALPA SUTRA संकल्प सूत्र


Our body exists thanks to the food that we have assimilated so far.
If we asked ourselves how aware we are or how much value we value to the food we eat every day of our lives, many of us would be left unanswered.

What does "conscious eating" mean? The moment we prepare to eat, it is important to be aware of the food in order to get to know it with the body and mind. Giving nourishment to your body is one of the most sacred arts you have to honor every day, several times a day.

With the aim of spreading this awareness, the Tribalosophy Know Your Food dinner is born, or the art of feeding.



Tribalosophy Know Your Food dinner is a culinary experience that allows you to discover how food can communicate with us, given that everything we like to eat at the same time speaks to us.

Through a small but significant sensory experience led by Dr. Shajeer Kizhakkekara it will be possible to approach a greater knowledge of oneself and one's tastes. This will allow us to savor with greater awareness the traditional Indian dishes prepared by the renowned Ayurvedic Chef Dr. Shajeer Kizhakkekara.


Know your Food is a first step towards approaching the Tribalosophy path which includes the Know Your Body and Know Your Nature level I II and III workshops. It is a path of knowledge and personal growth through various forms of experience, from the physical-sensorial to the mental-emotional one.

All workshops on the Tribalosophy course are led by Dr. Shajeer Kizhakkekara with the support and organization of the Tribalosophy team.


To learn more and give your taste buds a different culinary experience, join us and participate in Know Your Food!

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