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IKnow your Nature, led by Dr. Shajeer Kizhakkekara, is an intensive workshop of knowledge and personal growth, a deep experience in search for yourself, your needs and your potential.


How can we leave a mark on this Earth?

No one is remembered for his wealth, but rather for his inner qualities and for his contribution to this Planet and other human beings.  


Know your Nature means to recognize one’s own qualities and to put it at good use for ourselves, for others and for Earth.

Since birth we live in a world conditioned by a system that prevents us from expressing our true Nature. This ongoing constrain has kept our inner potential  unrealized , even if unconsciously.

Know your Nature means freedom to be ourselves, to discover the inner rather than the outer miracle, since each of us is unique with his potential and his infinite possibilities.

Who can recognize our Nature? Just us!

How can we recognize it? When we begin to know it!

This concept has always existed among Tribal people. They encouraged everyone to choose his right path at that time and space in total freedom.

When we came into this world already full of conditions and instruments, we began to create a form different from ours, and so we departed from our true Nature. We have been forced into the art of surviving rather than living.

We are like water. We take the shape of what contains us. To recognize our container means to recognize our history, family, culture and society.

This, however, does not mean that shape, quantity and quality of water have no other form.

Trough our intensive workshop know your Nature we’ll create a mirror that reflects our Nature beyond the form that contains it.

We’ll learn from ourselves like Tribal people.


As in every real adventure, the program is lived rather than told. The first step is to be freed from the need to know and to reach knowledge trough experience. It will be a memorable two-days search for self-knowledge, an insight into your needs and your potential.

If you wish to know more, here is a list, intentionally incomplete – otherwise why bother? – of what we’ll do:

  • We’ll start with breathing as means of knowledge

  • We’ll awaken our senses

  • We’ll learn how to recognize our body needs

  • We’ll observe our emotions

  • We’ll learn to recognize our qualities

  • We’ll stimulate our creativity and our expressive freedom

  • We’ll open up our mind

How will it be done? Come to discover it, live your inner adventure, know your Nature!

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